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JJ Leach Group is committed to helping great ideas get off the ground and in so doing, facilitating economic activity and employment in our community. The Group's venture capital investments have included Health Engine, Engenic, Calico, Frame VR and e-chemist.

Our number one priority is for the companies we engage with to grow and become successful.
We support early stage health, environment and tech founders through space equity Providing startups with office space in return for equity, freeing up working capital. mentoring and access to the most relevant industry connections .

More recent business start-ups the JJ Leach Group has invested in, include:

Iron Matrix is an innovative construction technology that replaces traditional cladding and roofing materials with standard solar panels to create structures that generate and store energy cheaper than fossil fuels. There is a broad range of applications for Iron Matrix structures including housing, billboards, EV charging stations, remote power stations, data storage facilities, resorts, etc.
Software for building a better workplace and workforce. Best known as the creators of and
Balconi Telecommunications is a multi-award-winning engineering design house. Providing unique quick-to-market proven solutions for clients with desperate problems. The latest solution is the Balconi Smart Torch, that extends the reach of telehealth services to a geographically global one. Self-contained in a small portable and affordable package. Benefitting the most remote and disadvantaged communities globally.

cellr’s big vision is a connected packaging solution that has the wine producer’s back.
After seeing wine fraud activity affecting around 20% of all wine made globally, the cellr founders set about creating a solution that simplifies producer verification, whilst doubling down as the world’s best direct to consumer engagement platform for wines and spirits.

BioActive Laboratories is an Australian biotech company specialising in rare plant species for drug discovery and natural health applications.

The BioActive Natural Health brand specialises in pain relief listed medicines that are naturally gentle to the stomach providing a revolutionary combination of high anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and pre-biotics to enhance gut health.

Prop Tech

Our mission is to always be at the core of the Prop tech industry in Western Australia. Our ecosystem provides small to medium enterprises with the support services they need to realise their potential.

Perth start-ups can realise their potential if they get the guidance they need. Through a connected community, access to expertise and an extensive network of advisors Perth start-ups will get the help they need to reach their full potential!

JJ Leach Group is always on the lookout for investment opportunities. To contact us – Click Here
JJ Leach Group is always on the lookout for investment opportunities.
To contact us – Click Here

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